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Survivor Letters

The following is a thank you letter written to the Advocate Safehouse Project and a community family that provided a Christmas Basket for a client and her children. This letter was copied verbatim, however, identifying information has been changed to protect the client’s identity & safety.

Dear “Santa”,

Thank you so much for making our Christmas become a reality. Tears of appreciation rolled down my face for all the wonderful and generous gifts, & etc. My children love their toys, and I loved everything! Christmas became a special and memorable day filled with joy and happiness. Thanks to you, our family has been able to enjoy & participate during this holiday season. J

Thank You!

Amanda, Brett and Gretchen

Dear Staff,

I was going to give this to you next week, but thought you might need the “strength” now with your hectic schedule.

You touch so many lives & have given me so much. How do you thank someone for just being themselves. Without your strength, knowledge and guidance, I would not be out of my “living hell”.

I’ll never forget the first day we met. I was so scared – angry – hopeless etc. You just kept being you & with that re-gave me strength & belief in myself.

Therefore: I give you a gift that will always be a visual reminder of all that you are & give – so that it is there to rekindle what you need when no-one is there to remind you.

Thank you & hope you know this gift comes from my heart!

Hope & Justice,


Joanne gave the staff a card. It read: “Whew … couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks”

She wrote the following on the card:

All of you! Your help has given me the strength to accomplish everything I needed to do to survive. Words cannot express my appreciation. God Bless You.


Dear Safehouse Staff:

I’d like to take this time to give you my gratitude and appreciation for everything that was done for me and Beth. I really didn’t think I was ready for the help, but thanks to you all I finally got it. Thanks for the great hospitality and all the great information and support I need. We miss you all very much and hope to keep in touch. Give my thanks to Karla (advocate) for coming and picking us up and getting us safe.

We are all settled in our apartment and living very comfortably and peaceful. Thanks for all the help you gave with Lift-up and Salvation Army and all the clothing and other supplies that were given to us at the time of our need.

My sincere appreciation,


Staff received this note from a former client.

Dear Everyone at the Safehouse,

How can we ever thank you all for helping us to escape our horrible life … and help us to heal … and make it possible for us to start a new life full of promise & peace. You are so dear to our hearts! We will never forget you!!

God Bless You all!!

Love & deepest thanks,

Carla & Jordan

Dear Staff,

Sorry it took so long to write to you. Thank you for your help. Anyway, I would like to thank all of you for the help you gave me nearly 3 months ago, you gave me the ability to change my life. Living at the safehouse really gave me the time I needed to make some really hard decisions. Thank you.

I am working full-time now, but still living with my parents. I ended up deciding I want the trailer in Rifle and mediation is set for April 30th, so I hope all goes well.

The kids and I are doing so much better. It’s amazing how you never realize how badly something is affecting your ability to function, until you get out of it. I am still afraid of Steven, but I realize that I probably always will be.

Sadie is developing right on schedule now. She’s walking and talking! Seth’s nightmares have finally stopped and he is even going to start kindergarten on time. I am very grateful that I got out of that relationship.

I have been going to a support group in Grand Junction, that is really helping. They have books we can borrow, and I feel very comfortable with them. Steven has not paid any child support yet, and gets 2 days per week visitation with the kids. I still don’t have any furniture or household stuff from Rifle, but I figure as long as I get the trailer I can always get a used couch and bed! I told Steven the other day that keeping all the property and refusing to give me any are not going to make me go running back to him. I think he may be realizing it is truly over, because he offered to bring over a truckload of stuff in the next 2 weeks. Let’s see if he is not just playing games. At least, now I have the confidence to stand up to him.

Thank you for being there when I really needed a place to go. I wish I could send a donation, but I can’t at this time.

Thanks and God Bless all of you!

Patty, Seth and Sadie

The following is a letter from a woman and her two sons who resided at the Safehouse.


Thank you for all you have done for us.

You & the safe house were our “calm in the


Thank you all for all your faith &


God Bless!!!

Beth, David and Derek

The following is a poem written by a seven year old boy residing at the Safehouse.

Bobby’s Song

My heart is full of joy

The birds are singing

The flowers are blooming

The sky is blue

I run outside to get fresh air and play around.

And I am glad I am with my mommy.

For my little cowboy,

I am writing you this letter to read when you are older and can understand what I want to share with you. There are many difficult events that have occurred in our life this year. Some you will remember, some you won’t. I want you to have this letter so you will remember not only the bad, but also the good that has come out of the chaos. We have been very blessed this year, so many people have come into our life that have changed it for the better. The women at the safehouse, Kathy, Olga, Julie, Carole, Janet and last but not least Aki the ever faithful catch companion. Every single one of these women have shone a light that will burn in our hearts forever. They have done everything humanly possible to see that we continue our journey toward a happy, healthy, and safe life. From providing us shelter, to being our taxi service. But most of all, being there to help keep me grounded, when I felt too overwhelmed to go on. I never want you to forget these women, not only for what they have done, but for who they are. They have shown us what healthy relationships are based on. Unconditional support, love, and friendship. These women have done these things expecting nothing in return, only to help us be healthy and safe.

Our journey toward learning what healthy looks and feels like has only just begun. It will be a journey that we take for a lifetime. Being healthy in a relationship is something that we all work on everyday. At this moment the only piece of relationship advice I can give you is to know your boundaries, know your partners boundaries and always respect them both.

Forever my love,


Dear Ladies,

I’m not exactly sure how to express exactly how thankful I am to each of you for all the help, love and support you have given to my children and myself over the last eight weeks. I honestly don’t know what I would have done had I not heard of your organization. I am so impressed with all that you do to help women in similar situations to my own. I will forever be grateful as well as indebted to all of you. If you’re ever need in need of help and it’s within my capacity, I will be more than willing to do so.

Thank you again,

Marcia, Alex & Brittney

Dear Staff,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart – your support & understanding during this trying time was a great comfort. You will all remain in my thoughts & prayers. Because of you I realized I have the power to make changes.

I love you,

Nancy, Rachel & Jessica

Dear Staff

Hi, well I got a job at the mall Sunday! ? I am so excited. I am going to stay with friends where I feel more comfortable. Thanx very much for the opportunity to think about my life.? I am so glad you guys are out here. It really helped me & my daughter. Again thank-you very much!

Yours truly,


Advocate Safehouse Project received the following note from a former member of one of the Children’s Support Groups:

Dear Staff

Thank you for the fun games you played with us and the storys to it was so fun. When I couldn’t come I beged my mom to let me go but it never worked. Thanks again.

Your friend


(The following is written from the mother)

Thanks for including Steve twice in the program. I’m sure he gained new insight & skills. Thank you for all your time & effort, follow-up & babysitting!



Advocate Safehouse Project